Corporate Secretarial & Accounting

Corporate Secretarial & Accounting


Professionals including lawyers that will ensure all your regulatory obligations are taken care of. You focus on the business and we do the rest.


You Focus On The Business And We Do The Rest.


Company Incorporation

Need to set up a private limited company or even a partnership? Just reach out to us and we will have you up and running in a few days.

Company Secretary & Annual Filing

We provide lawyers to stand as the company secretary in your company on top of getting the annual filing done. Feel free to get legal consultation from these same lawyers at no further cost!

Nominee Director

If you are a non-Singaporean citizen or permanent resident and wish to set up a Singapore registered company, we can help. With our nominee director services, you can fulfill the Singapore resident director requirements and tap into our knowhow too. Do take note that this service cannot be divorced from our company secretary service.


As part of the full suite of services that we provide, we also offer bookkeeping services. The cost will greatly depend on the complexity and volume of work to be done. Do contact us to let us better understand your needs!


Real Lawyers Are Utilized

Unlike many other corporate secretarial services firms, we only use certified lawyers to be the company secretary for the companies that engage us. We firmly believe in providing value and this is one of the ways we show it.

Free Consultation

When you have engaged us as your company secretary, feel free to reach out for free legal consultations. We are here to assist in any way we can!

Law Firm Support

Sometimes standardized solutions are just not enough. This is where the use of a law firm provides value. Foxwood LLC is always at hand to help you with the more complex issues you face!