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We enhance the client experience

10+ Years of Experience

Our professionals (legal and non-legal) all have more than a decade of experience each. We also provide Singapore registered lawyers to assist clients with legal advice and to be their company secretaries as one example of how we increase our value proposition.

No Hidden Fees Guaranteed

Our fees are as stated and fixed with no hidden fees.

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Our law firm was built to handle the complex matters that the standardised solutions provided by our other companies cannot. We have stripped out many cost escalators found in a traditional law firm model and increased our technological and process capability to better serve our clients.

Fuss free online personal legal solutions such as Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Deed Poll and Annulments.

One stop shop corporate solutions for startups and SMEs. We are dedicated to delivering affordable value add services whilst not compromising on a positive customer experience.


Foxwood Corporate Services is the division of Foxwood that provides one stop shop solutions to Startups and SMEs. Here, we understand that running a business requires many moving parts and its our goal to help untangle you from the never-ending administration involved. You focus on the business and we do the rest. 

To achieve this, we have partnered up with several top in class service providers to assist in the non-legal side of things such as design, video, web development, business development and funding. Worry not, all our partners have been personally curated and tested by us to ensure the delivery of quality services, so check out what we offer today!