Join Our Team at FCS

At FCS, we run a distributed partnership model and focus on adding more partners to the company to grow together, achieving economies of scale. We handle all the administrative issues and you focus on the work. We believe that you will do your best work here, period. Our adoption of technology, flat organisational structure has removed the inefficiencies of traditional service providers allowing partners to focus on client development, driving value and doing more challenging and interesting work. Most corporate service providers claim to be different; we are different. It could be our dress code (you decide what is necessary for the occasion), lack of bureaucracy, or the fact that we value talent and not seniority (you are not judged by anything other than the quality of your work).

Here are some examples that differentiate us from other outfits:

  • Flat organisation – there is little hierarchy among the staff in our firm
  • No minimum billing quotas– We empower our professionals to do the work they want, at an acceptable rate for both the client and professional.
  • Earn significantly more via our completely transparent and objective driven compensation model
  • Earn recruiting bonuses for other partners brought into the company.
  • Experience a flexible schedule and a meaningful work-life balance.

Our business model is efficient resulting in financial stability and job security. No layoffs, reduced compensation, or retirement ceilings for partners.

We are committed to fostering collaboration & meritocracy. If you are a highly qualified candidate with at least seven years’ experience with the ability to develop a certain amount of portable business but feel uncertain about the opportunities, contact us ( Our partners will be most happy to share their experience with you.

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